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Transaction Email Gateway

Email delivery simplified

Never worry about your system email deliveries any more… Send your transaction emails through Sendloop infrastructure and stop wasting your time with infrastructure setup and maintenance.

Sendloop Transaction Email Gateway comes with an easy-to-use REST API. No complex connection programming, no complex infrastructure setup.

How it works?

It will take only 5 minutes to integrate your app with Sendloop Transaction Email Gateway. Simply delivery your message through the API and we will take care of the rest and make sure that it’s delivered to your customer.

Step 1

Enable Transaction Email Gateway service in your Sendloop account. There’s no complex pricing, no hidden fees, no setup costs. Every month, we add 30,000 email delivery credits to your account. It’s only $14.95/month. For each additional 30,000 email credits, it’s $9 one-time fee. You can cancel at anytime.

Step 2

Register and authorize your sender email addresses. Define sender email addresses in the system. It takes a few seconds and you will be ready for the API connection.

Step 3

Grab your API key from your Sendloop account. Integrate Sendloop Transaction Email Gateway to your app or website by using our wrappers or simply write your own. We have plenty amount of wrappers for PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, NodeJS, Go, etc.

Step 4

Connect to the Sendloop API and deliver your message. A few lines of code and it’s done! Never worry about email deliverability any more. Let Sendloop handle the email delivery and make sure that it reaches the recipient mailbox.

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